10 Tips from Good Success for Becoming Your Best Self (Part 2)

10 Tips from Good Success for Becoming Your Best Self (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two-part series on becoming your best self. If you have not yet read Part 1, do so here.

As the holiday season and the New Year approach, we all start thinking a little bit more about how to improve ourselves. Some of us decide we will really get serious about our health. Others decide to drill down on their business or start to work very aggressively on building an investment portfolio.

At the end of the day, though, all of these individual goals are about one thing: becoming your best self.

So many times, I see members of the Good Success Mastermind make these resolutions with great excitement only to find, just a few months later, that they are making small strides toward their goals instead of big ones. After working closely with a lot of these students to figure out just what is going awry in their goals, I determined that the issue frequently lies in certain habits that we adopt over time rather than an issue with the goals or even the actions they take toward those goals. To combat these habits, I developed the Good Success 10 Tips for Becoming Your Best Self, a series of “checks” you can perform on your own daily behaviors to make sure you are moving in a positive direction with your goals.

You can read the second half of these tips below:

  1. Delegate & Automate When Appropriate
    You will never establish real momentum toward your goals if you get caught up in the daily minutia and lose all chance to focus on the future. Identify the daily tasks you can delegate or automate, then do it! You will now be able to use that time for the things that no one but you can do, and this will give you much more time to dedicate toward reaching your goals.
  2. Establish & Beat the “10AM Witching Hour”
    If it’s really, really important, you need to do it before 10am. That’s right: Do your biggest and most important task each day before 10 in the morning. Some of the most productive people I know rise early nearly every day specifically for this purpose. Being up and active early creates an environment with fewer distractions because, in most cases, your family is not up yet and neither are most of the people who might interrupt you during the professional workday. Countless experts on efficiency and productivity agree that the most important things in the day must be done before this time in the morning.

    Note: Not all the things you need to get done before 10AM will necessarily be work-related. You might include prayer and meditation, exercise, and taking time to be grateful on the list of things to do each day before midmorning.

  1. Leverage Your Strengths
    Knowing what you are good at is as important as identifying your weaknesses. Take a few minutes to identify your strengths and, additionally, make a few notes about how you will leverage them in your daily life and also in order to meet your goals.
  2. Admit & Correct Weaknesses
    I have often heard it said that admitting your weaknesses does not make you weak; instead, it makes you stronger. This is very true. Identifying areas where you need help or where you must adjust your behaviors in order to experience better results creates a better awareness of the areas in your life and business where you need a little bit more focus. Knowing where you are weak will actually better enable you to leverage your strengths, so be brave enough to admit and then correct weaknesses!
  3. Invest Daily in Yourself & Others
    This is the most important tenet of Good Success: an attitude of giving. We call it many different things: “Attitude of Gratitude” or “Charity” or “Living Outward,” to name a few. The important thing here is that you mindfully take time each day to improve yourself and to improve the lives of the communities around you. That includes the Good Success Community, by the way, and one of the best ways to do that is to participate in our monthly challenges on social media. By taking part in these challenges, you not only take advantage of an opportunity to get free coaching and mentorship from the members of our community, but you also invest in others by sharing your hard work, your challenges, and your Good Success story.

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