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Introducing: The Good Success 7-Day Thanksgiving Challenge

By Tom OlsonOctober 28, 2019

At Good Success, we are so excited about Thanksgiving coming up. The word “thanksgiving” means something a little different to everyone, but the spirit of the season and the gratitude that comes to all of us this time of year makes the month of November universally special.

To me, Thanksgiving means taking the gratitude that I try to mindfully and intentionally express in my everyday life to the “next level” both in my personal and professional life. It is a time to really challenge myself to dig deep, recognize the people and things in my life that bring me Good Success, and acknowledge them in ways that both honor them and positively impact my business.

It’s easy to tag a post #gratitude and feel like you’ve done your share of thanksgiving for the holiday season, but you can take that attitude of gratitude so much farther than that and the rewards are exponentially greater. I’m challenging every member of the Good Success Community to go through the Good Success 7-Day Thanksgiving Challenge with me.

We will send out these 7 challenges on social media, and while you will be able to find them across all our platforms, I particularly recommend you join our Good Success Facebook group, where we will be posting the daily challenge as well as plenty of other motivational material to keep you focused and support your 7-day journey. As you know, Good Success is all about community, so please join our community and support us and each other during this exciting 7 days this November.

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I hope you will follow us and participate fully in this challenge. It will be a blessing to you if you fully embrace it, and the results will easily change your life and your business for the better.


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