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The Nation's Elite Real Estate Mastermind

Have a desire to GROW your real estate business, but lack the CONNECTIONS, SYSTEMS and STRATEGIES to help you achieve your goals? Our real estate mastermind is comprised of mostly real estate investors and lenders that become your “BOARD OF DIRECTORS,” who also create business together, lend and borrow money from each other, systematize inefficiencies, share inventory sources, and joint venture on real estate deals.

"Good Success is where I learned how to grow my real estate business 40% in five months!"
Max Keller - Savior Realty

Good Success Real Estate Investor Mastermind – Miami
May 14

Community Go Giver Event
June 26

Fix and Flip Survival Kit

For every endeavor in life, it starts with a “beginning”.  Rarely is there immediate success. If there is, it is often short-lived. Anything worthwhile in life, whether personal or business, has to be built on a solid foundation in order for it to grow and become...

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Why Marketing Is Important

Marketing is More than Advertising Most business owners, especially new owners,  think marketing involves advertising.  Yes, Advertising is a huge part of marketing.  However, marketing involves the whole customer experience.  Most will ask,  How do I market this...

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Taking Care of Your Customers

What is the experience with you? In the book, How to Become a Rainmaker, there is a great line which says, “The paramount job of every single employee in an organization is to directly or indirectly keep and get customers.”  “The job of every employee is to help ring...

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Essentialism: Book Review

Author: Max Keller of Savior Realty Purchase the book here: http://amzn.to/2iGaG6I In our culture, we are convinced that more is more and more is better.  What happens though, is more working results in less time with family, less time focusing on health and fitness,...

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Capturing Emails for Marketing Purposes

We live in a very interesting age where communication is key.  There is no time in history like today where anyone from across the world can communicate more quickly and efficiently with a product or business no matter your location. Communication As a business owner,...

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