5 Meaningful Ways to Say Thank You (Resources: Thanksgiving Challenge Day 1)

I’m already seeing it all over the internet: The Christmas Countdown. Right after Halloween when that article went out that said scientists had “proven” people who put their Christmas trees up earlier are happier, I knew this year was the year a lot of people were probably going to kiss the spirit of Thanksgiving goodbye and run headlong toward the jolly guy in the red suit.

Now, I love Christmas. It is one of the most miraculous and joyous times of year. Of course, the most obvious reason to love Christmas is the birth of our Savior. However, there are also the things that tend to show up on social media and Pinterest, like gum drops and the warm glow of the tree on cold nights. I love it all.

But why does that mean I have to skip Thanksgiving?

I am so glad that even before Halloween, we were planning the Thanksgiving Challenge at Good Success. To me, Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful holidays because everyone takes a moment (or they used to) to recognize what means the most to them and give thanks for it.

The first part of the Good Success Thanksgiving Challenge is bringing that tradition back in a way that is guaranteed to make the rest of your day better, brighter, and happier once you complete this challenge.

Ready for your first day’s challenge? Here goes:

Tell your spouse, significant other, or “special someone” that you are thankful for them.

That’s it! Say thank you.

But say it like you mean it and, by the way, mean it.

“Wait, Tom, I’m not good with words,” I know a lot of you are saying. Okay, I will give you two resources to help you. The first is a shortened version of my own “Thank You for You” to my wife, Becky. You can hear the unabridged version in the video on our Facebook page. Here is the shorter version though, and maybe it will give you some ideas:

“There have been ups and downs through our marriage, and I am so thankful for you, Becky. Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for bearing our children. Thank you for being there for me and for being somebody I can be there for as well.”

See? It’s not that hard. Walk up to the person who is most important in your life and say, “Hi, _____. I’m so thankful for you, and here’s why.”

Then, tell us how it went on the Good Success page on Facebook, or take a picture of the two of you and tag us on Instagram. We want to all celebrate these thankful moments and, even more importantly, we want to encourage anyone who hasn’t said “Thank you” yet to do so before today is done!

And, if my personal thankfulness speech did not inspire you, here are five other ways that I have found are particularly impactful when I’m telling someone I am thankful for them.

You can try one of these if you like:

5 Meaningful Ways to Say Thank You

  1. Send a text. It’s a little less intense than walking up to the person, but you say the same thing: “I’m so thankful for you because _______.” You’ll be shocked at how appreciative people will be.
  2. Write a little note. Hey, you can even buy a nice little “thank you” card if you’re really stuck for words. Just remember to do more than sign your name, even if it’s just basically rewriting what the card already says.
  3. Go out of your way. Do something for the person that they would never expect you to do. Then, when they comment on it, tell them you wanted to do something to show how thankful you are for them.Warning: This can backfire if they do not notice what you did or if you do something that has been on your “honey-do list” for months. This needs to be something thoughtful and spontaneous, and you cannot get your feelings hurt if they do not do a back flip over your actions. Remember, this is to open the door for you to say thanks, not for them to do so. This is your challenge!
  4. Pick up the phone. If your significant other is not nearby, make a phone call! Hearing those words over the phone – especially if you usually text – is particularly meaningful.
  5. Say it loud and proud. You’ve probably heard about love languages. Well, some people just really appreciate public appreciation. If your significant other is one of these people, write a really nice post on social media or make a toast to them at dinner. The important thing is that the post is about them, not you. If you need inspiration, look at the birthday posts parents put up for their kids. There are usually a couple good pictures and a nice little note about how great their kid is. You can do the same thing here, just for no official reason like a birthday.Warning: Use good pictures. Do not use the picture of your significant other when they had the flu or right after they laughed milkshake out of their nose unless you are 100% positive they love that picture more than any other.

So that’s it, friends. As soon as you complete this assignment, you have completed the first day of the Good Success Thanksgiving Challenge. Congratulations!

Are you playing catch-up? We’re thankful you’re here! Click HERE to go to our introduction to the Good Success Thanksgiving Challenge or HERE to find the resources for the Challenge Day 2.  

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