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At Good Success, we recognize we have all been given every day of our lives and the resources and opportunities in that day. We were given life on this earth and the ability to do things not just for success, but also for the love of our community and gratitude to our creator. At Good Success, we recognize truly good, fulfilling success involves growing holistically every single day. It is the little decisions, the little disciplines, and the big results that create Good Success in the lives of real estate investors and the communities that surround them.

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Tom is the Owner/President of The Olson Group Network and Good Success. Olson Group Network Builds Rental portfolios for Investors in Northwest Indiana. They also offer other short term investments for S.F. homes. Tom has Helped Investors Purchase & Rent or sell over 500 properties in the last 10 years. Tom has a Passion to help investors & business owners live life on purpose for a purpose. He owns & facilitates the Good Success Mastermind for business owners looking for a higher level of conversation with a trusted board of advisors to help you move the needle more than you could possibly imagine.

Phone: (219) 237-9095
Email: marketing@goodsuccess.com
2701 W. 45th St. Gary, IN 46408

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