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By Tom OlsonDecember 28, 2017BlogNo Comments

For every endeavor in life, it starts with a “beginning”.  Rarely is there immediate success. If there is, it is often short-lived. Anything worthwhile in life, whether personal or business, has to be built on a solid foundation in order for it to grow and become strong and successful.  Growing a business involves an enormous

By Kevin HansbergerDecember 20, 2017BlogNo Comments

Marketing is More than Advertising Most business owners, especially new owners,  think marketing involves advertising.  Yes, Advertising is a huge part of marketing.  However, marketing involves the whole customer experience.  Most will ask,  How do I market this property?  How do I sell this property? Who do I sell to? How can I advertise?  These

By Jarrod StotmeisterDecember 8, 2017BlogNo Comments

What is the experience with you? In the book, How to Become a Rainmaker, there is a great line which says, “The paramount job of every single employee in an organization is to directly or indirectly keep and get customers.”  “The job of every employee is to help ring the cash register and to keep the

By Josh CullerNovember 29, 2017BlogNo Comments

Author: Max Keller of Savior Realty Purchase the book here: http://amzn.to/2iGaG6I In our culture, we are convinced that more is more and more is better.  What happens though, is more working results in less time with family, less time focusing on health and fitness, and those things that should be paramount precedence in our life and

By Kevin HansbergerNovember 17, 2017BlogNo Comments

We live in a very interesting age where communication is key.  There is no time in history like today where anyone from across the world can communicate more quickly and efficiently with a product or business no matter your location. Communication As a business owner, you understand the importance of communicating with people.  You know

By Tom OlsonOctober 30, 2017BlogNo Comments

A mastermind is a newer event, but the concept has been around for a long time. It’s about getting together with like-minded people to share each other’s best business practices and look at different angles of other’s successes. It is also an opportunity to find ways to improve as a person and in business. Vision

By Jarrod StotmeisterOctober 23, 2017BlogNo Comments

Creating Change Every leader is a visionary.  As a leader of people, you are creating change.  The vision must be believed by the leader first.  Sometimes a leader will get so caught up in his/her passion of transferring the vision to their followers they forget or lose the passion of the vision for themselves.  A

By Jarrod StotmeisterOctober 16, 2017BlogNo Comments

By: Jarrod Stotmeister There are many components to follow up that businesses do not focus on or they just plain miss it. I’m going to give 3 very practical points that you should always keep in mind with your follow up system. Expectations After the initial contact from the potential customer, whether it be by phone

By Tom OlsonOctober 11, 2017BlogNo Comments

Extreme Ownership: Book Review By: Tom Olson Today’s blog will consist of a review of the book called, Extreme Ownership, by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin.   I have broken this down into sections that I believe really stood out to me when reading this book. The book is life changing and gives multiple views

By Tom OlsonOctober 6, 2017BlogNo Comments

The Yearly Cycle The important thing in the real estate cycle is not necessarily to know how to predict a potential market crash or a real estate bubble but to be prepared today if/when it does happen. No one can predict the future, but history reveals we are constantly in some kind of cycle whether

By Josh CullerAugust 21, 2017BlogNo Comments

It is essential for any real estate business to have a buyer’s list; A list of all the people you would consider to be your “key” buyers which you will prioritize in your contact list.  I am going to give you several ways to build a successful buyer’s list.  It is also very important to

By Josh CullerJuly 25, 2017BlogNo Comments

Author: Wayne Sheaffer | President of Good Success As many of you know, our company is a Christian owned and ran organization. No, we are not a church, nor do we preach at anyone, but we are proud of what and who we are. Our company has been blessed so many times. That being said,

By Josh CullerJuly 18, 2017BlogNo Comments

Author: Jarrod Stotemeister  Today we are going to discuss a topic that is not commonly discussed in the real estate world but is one of the most vital aspects of your business.  Whether your business is selling real estate, cupcakes or cutting hair, we all have one thing in common: the customer and the care

By Josh CullerJuly 12, 2017BlogNo Comments

With technology in the world nowadays, going to a logo generator from Google or even to sites like Fiver to give you a basic logo can be very easy. The problem with “borrowing” logos from the internet is that you need to keep in mind how easily you acquired that logo; it was just as

By Tom OlsonJuly 5, 2017BlogNo Comments

I had a real estate investor friend of mine who is looking to crack the code on using other people’s money, ask me if I could come up with a letter to help get a private loan from a friend of his. I pondered what the letter should look like; I thought about the pros