The 30 Day Good Success Journey by Tom Olson


Life is full of challenges, and they will come at you from every side at different points in your life. You’ve probably heard, “You can overcome anything if you just try hard enough!” but that is simply not always true. Sometimes, no matter how hard you believe you can overcome life’s obstacles, you still end up spinning your wheels. When that happens, do not give in to the temptation to give up. It might be much more than just one check-mark in the “W” column. When you give up on the wrong things, you end up unconsciously giving up on your dreams.

Don’t let your dreams go quietly or lightly.

You have options.

Good Success is one of those options.

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The 30-Day Good Success Journey is designed to help you overcome the obstacles that seem insurmountable while improving the quality and productivity of your life and business. When you aim your focus on what is really important in your life, all other parts of your life will become much clearer. The results are invaluable on personal, professional, and profitable levels. Imagine that instead of experiencing the frustration you experience today in your daily life and business, you had:

* Increased happiness

* Improved quality of work and home life

*More fulfillment from daily tasks and both big and small achievements

*Hope by the bucketful

* Improved productivity and profit

The 30-Day Good Success Journey is a series of 30 questions designed to be considered and answered at a rate of one each day. In 30 days, your life could be dramatically different – and better. Or, in 30 days, your life could be exactly the same (or even more frustrating than it is now). The choice to take the journey is yours. We’re here to help, guide, and mentor you toward truly Good Success.

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