3 Ways to Tell If You are a Community Go-Giver

One of the events I am most proud of that Good Success puts on is the Community Go-Giver event. This event is not a traditional mastermind, but it is a very exclusive group. Not everyone is a good fit. As you find in a mastermind like the Good Success Mastermind, there are certain things that tend to tie attendees at the Community Go-Giver event together, such as that they are highly motivated, highly successful in their field, and extremely focused on Good Success instead of just making a lot of money (although they run profitable businesses like other Good Success members).

As more and more people start to hear about the Community Go-Giver event and my passion project, #FlippingGary, I have started to get a lot of questions about what it means to be a Go-Giver. Here is my list of three ways to tell right off the bat if you are a good fit for this incredible event or not.

1: Are you a good steward of your community?

Good Success members strive to be good stewards of their time, talent, and treasure. This usually extends to being a good steward of their community as well. However, sometimes people do not really think of themselves as stewards at all – good or bad. Here are some examples of people that attend the Community Go-Giver event that are good stewards but that do not always think of themselves in that context:

  • Property managers
  • Responsible private lenders
  • Turnkey rental property owners
  • Real estate investors
  • Retirement investors
  • Service-based business owners
  • Developers
  • Operators
  • Contractors

Essentially, anyone who is involved, for profit or not, in stabilizing or building up value in a community is, by extension, likely a community go-giver and would really benefit from attending this event.

2: Are you always looking for ways to maximize returns, financial and otherwise?

A lot of times people act as if they cannot attend an event with “Go-Giver” in the name if they do not run a large charity or spend all their time on philanthropy. This is completely not the case. The investors who attend the Community Go-Giver event are typically very returns-focused and looking for new opportunities to create sustainable growth for their businesses. They just look for those returns and opportunities with an eye toward improving the entire community rather than just making more money for their personal use. Go-Givers are good stewards of their money, and that means they work hard to make their money work hard for themselves and for their community.

3: Do you make a lot of excuses?

This might be a tough one for some of you reading. We all want to tell ourselves that we never make excuses or, at least, we don’t do it often. Take a hard look at yourself, however.

Answer honestly: Do you focus on results or do you focus on excuses? If you spend most of your time justifying why things don’t work out for you, then you may not be a good fit for the event. Community Go-Givers are very focused on results, and you can have results or excuses, but not both.

Those are just three of the many ways you can tell if you might be a good fit for our Community Go-Giver event in Gary, Indiana. Even better, if you think you are a good fit for the Go-Giver, you might also be a good fit for the Good Success Mastermind also. Learn more about the Community Go-Giver event, #FlippingGary, and our mastermind by visiting GoodSuccess.com.

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