The 7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Joining a Mastermind, Part 2

The 7 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Joining a Mastermind, Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part series on the 7 questions you must ask yourself before joining a mastermind. If you are looking for Part 1, click here.

In the first part of this series, we explored four of the seven questions you must ask yourself before joining a mastermind. As we discussed in Part 1, it is not enough to just join a mastermind with a great track record. You also have to join a mastermind that is a good fit for you and your business. In the second part of this series, we will dive into the final three questions (5-7) you must ask yourself before joining a mastermind.

Question 5: How can I add value to this mastermind community?

To fully benefit from mastermind membership, you must be in a position to give or add value as well as receive value. This question will help you get to the heart of what you need from a mastermind community and what you value in that community as well as helping you see where you will add value for others.

For example, one thing I always know I bring with me to masterminds is a bit of encouragement for my fellow members. I can go out of my way to say directly, “I’m thinking about you” or “I will take the time to really listen to you.” However, not everyone values the same things, so you will need to determine if your value aligns with something your fellow members will perceive as value as well.

Question 6: Will this group of people hold me accountable?

There are two sides to this question. First of all, you need to determine if the people in the mastermind are willing to hold you accountable. This means asking:

  • Will they ask the tough questions?

  • Do they care enough about me to listen to what I say and then question why I do the things I do?

  • Will they tell me if they believe a successful thing I’m doing does not align with my core values or core genius?

If you believe the mastermind is willing to hold you accountable, then you must ask the second part of the question: Is this mastermind able to hold me accountable?

If you do not care what the people in the mastermind think or do not respect their perspectives or expertise, you will not be particularly driven to respectfully evaluate their questions or to meet accountability requirements. You may not even bother to really become part of the community. A mastermind that is a good fit for you will be both willing and able to hold you accountable.

Question 7: Is the ROI on this mastermind acceptable to me?

This is probably the toughest question to answer because the return on a membership in the right mastermind is usually infinity. There are so many valuable aspects of membership in a mastermind that is the right fit for you. Take a few minutes to try to make a list of the benefits you will receive from the mastermind. This includes things you probably dealt with in other questions, such as whether the mastermind will hold you accountable and how it fits with your core values and goals.

A Mastermind is an Investment of Time, Money, and Discipline

If you are in the market for a mastermind, then the odds are pretty good that your mindset is in the right place when it comes to whether or not you should join one. However, as I mentioned, every mastermind is different, and not every mastermind will be a good fit for every person. If you end up in a mismatch, it can be a very expensive and frustrating mistake both in terms of the money you invested to join and in terms of the growth and success you do not experience during your time in the mastermind. Be careful of tying everything about a mastermind to money, but keep in mind that achieving your purpose is, ultimately, your goal for membership. If you join a mastermind that is the right fit, your returns will be incalculably large.

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