How to Get the Most from The Good Success Mastermind Experience

How to Get the Most from The Good Success Mastermind Experience

When I ask people why they join masterminds, I get a lot of answers. Most of them include something we all have to think about far too much: money. At the Good Success Mastermind, we definitely have built a community that helps you build up your business and generate wealth. However, there is so much more to the Good Success Mastermind than just making money and then spending it. Understanding every angle of the Good Success Mastermind will help you get the most out of membership in it.

Living Life on Purpose

People ask me all the time what I mean when I say, “Live life on purpose!” They think it sounds like an attractive idea, but most do not really understand what I am talking about. Because knowing your purpose plays such a huge role in your ability to experience the fulfillment that comes with Good Success, a lot of our time at the Good Success Mastermind is dedicated to identifying purpose and then defining how to live on purpose, for a purpose.

In order to be able to live life on purpose, you must believe that you were created for a specific reason. You have to want to find out what that reason is and then be willing to live for it. I love the type of person who already knows their purpose and just wants to help other people find their purposes also. The best way to bring those people together with people still trying to identify their purpose is through a community like the Good Success Mastermind. Being an active, contributing member of the mastermind means you are an active, contributing factor in this the discovery and implementation of purpose process.

Playing a Part in the Good Success Community

Community is very important to me. As a member of the Good Success Mastermind, you will get much more out of the experience if you stay on location for the duration of the meeting. Do not just come for half a day and then leave. At the Good Success Mastermind, we require you to stay and participate every day of the event. We ask that you arrive on time or early. We ask that you remain until everything is done. Being there in person and being the best person that you have the ability to be will create a positive change in you and also in the community around you.

Exercising Discipline

A lot of people go to business meetings almost as a form of recreation. Sure, they work hard while they are in the meetings and network with great dedication after the day is over, but they do not necessarily discipline themselves while they are doing so. They actually relax their disciplines and may even arrive later or “cut out” earlier than they would on a normal day at work.

At the Good Success Mastermind, your growth, both personally and professionally, is our goal. Growth comes, in large part, from the act of daily discipline. If you are not willing to discipline yourself, saying “No” to certain things and “Yes” to others, then you are probably not going to fit into the Good Success Mastermind.

Think of Your Membership as an Investment Because It Is

Participation in the Good Success Mastermind is an investment. It is an investment of time. It is an investment of money. It is an investment of focus and into other people. If you are like most successful business owners, you want to calculate and estimate the returns on a potential investment before placing your capital. I will tell you that it is very hard to place metrics on the investment into membership in a mastermind, but the returns on membership in the Good Success Mastermind are infinite.

If you are a business owner willing to live life on purpose, help build up a community with core values you share, and exercise the discipline necessary to achieve Good Success, then you are likely a fit for the Good Success Mastermind. Learn more about how to qualify and how to get the most out of membership with us here.

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