Do You Qualify for the Good Success Mastermind?

Do You Qualify for the Good Success Mastermind?

A lot of different masterminds have different qualifications. For some, you have to be an accredited investor. For others, you need $1 million net worth (or more). Some require you to make a certain amount of money or meet other tangible requirements.

The Good Success Mastermind is different. We focus on the intangibles. As the founder of this mastermind, I am focused on things like your purpose and your core values. At the end of your life, I want you to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” and everyone in the Good Success Mastermind is dedicated to helping themselves and everyone else keep those goals in mind.

Why Intangibles Require a Special Type of Mastermind

You might be wondering, “Tom, why in the world do I need a mastermind for this type of thing? That’s what church is for! I need a mastermind so I can make a boatload of money.”

Well, the actual initial reason for the foundation of Good Success was actually that I found that in my own life and in the lives of so many others I know, even though we had a great deal of material wealth, we were still unfulfilled. I found early on that on the days I did my best but maybe did not accomplish everything I wanted to get done, I was still happier and more fulfilled at the end of the day than on the days when I cashed big checks but did not live up to my full potential.

Of course, you do need to have some investment of time and money in any mastermind if you want it to work. Otherwise, you have an optional support group rather than a powerful network of people working toward common goals for themselves and each other. To that end, I have established a series of qualifications for the Good Success Mastermind. Because we do seek the most and best business success as well as personal success, we do have a monetary bar you must meet as well as certain other criteria.

Read on to learn if you qualify for the Good Success Mastermind.

First Qualification: You are a successful entrepreneur or businessperson.

This means you either own your own business or are a high-level employee in someone else’s business. We need to see a track record of success in your recent past already so that we know you are in a position to have the right mindset to not only seek your own Good Success, but help others find it as well.

Second Qualification: You are purpose-driven.

I think most people would tell you that they are purpose-driven, but most of them do not really know what they mean when they say this. In terms of having Good Success, being purpose-driven means that you live your life on purpose, for a purpose.

Third Qualification: Your core values match those of the mastermind.

You have probably heard before that you should not hire an employee whose core values do not match your own. This is also true for masterminds. You should not join a mastermind (nor should the leader permit you to do so) if the core values do not mesh with your own. For me, the top core value in Good Success is Charity. For me, charity means love. It does not matter what you do in this world if you do not have love. If you do not have love, then you have nothing, and if you do not have charity, you do not have anything.

The second core value we emphasize in the Good Success Mastermind is Stewardship. We are all here because we were given gifts, talents, and unique responsibilities that go along with those gifts and talents. We must be good stewards of those gifts and talents and use the time we have leveraging them wisely. When we do so, we experience Good Success and we are able to double what we were given and then pass it on to others.

Our third core value is Community. I bet you have been part of a mastermind or other group where people paid to be in the group but then did not show up for the masterminds. At Good Success, not showing up means you do not share one of our core values because you are not playing an active role in our community. I don’t want that! Someone who values community shows up at masterminds, listens, and participates. Sure, they want to make money, but they also want to build the value of the mastermind community for everyone.

Making Money is Important, But It’s Not Everything

At the Good Success Mastermind, we are focused on success in every aspect of your life. We want to be sure you succeed and that you are generating wealth for your family and your business, but we also want to help you live on purpose and experience the fulfillment that comes with Good Success.

If you are joining a mastermind for the sole purpose of making money, then you will not be a good fit for the Good Success Mastermind. However, if you are joining Good Success Mastermind because you want to live life on purpose, for a purpose, and part of that purpose involves creating wealth and giving back to your community, then you are likely a great fit for our Mastermind.

Learn more about the Good Success Mastermind here.

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