The Power of the Mastermind, Part 3: Growth

The Power of the Mastermind, Part 3: Growth

This is Part 3 of a five-part series on the Power of the Mastermind. If you have not yet read Part 2 of this series, you can do so here.

The power of the mastermind comes in many forms. In Part 2, we talked about hindsight in advance, or “million-dollar ideas and warnings.” Basically a mastermind can equip you to spot the best ideas for growth in your business while also giving you a  place in a community where some of the best experienced and insightful individuals in your industry can provide you with warnings about the things you should and should not do before you do them. The value of that aspect of masterminds alone is inestimable.

The third thing that comes to my mind when I think about the power of the mastermind is growth. All masterminds are built on growth of some kind. Maybe this growth is numbers of clients or in business reach. Maybe it is internal and personal. Usually, in my experience, the growth happens both personally and professionally.

Working Outside Your Comfort Zone

One of the ways a good mastermind helps members grow is by getting them out of their comfort zone. There is no growth inside your comfort zone! Face it: It’s usually not everyone’s favorite thing to stand in front of a bunch of successful people and tell them that you need help. However, this vulnerability and humility is the magic that makes the power of the mastermind come to life.

When you get up in front of the room and tell everyone that you are not as perfect as you seem, you encourage everyone. They all think you have it all together, so when they find out you have issues too, it is an encouragement that can be given no other way! It takes some bravery to join a mastermind and participate fully, but remember you are providing measureless value to other members when you do so.

Shared Growth Multiplies Exponentially

As if just participating and getting all that feedback, insight, and creative focus applied to your business by others with as much or more experience in your industry is not enough, a good mastermind will multiply your growth exponentially as each member takes a place in the “hot seat”. Many times, someone else asks a question I may have been afraid to ask myself or that got bumped in favor of asking some other question. When this happens, I have received my answer for the same question or issue, and I have saved hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars or needless frustration because I received the answer way before I needed it!

It is an amazing and empowering feeling to know you are helping others with their businesses as well. There is no greater feeling than to be the one that knows the answer. Many times, you will find yourself being the person that has already gone through exactly what the person in the front of the room is going through. It is a great feeling to know that your pain can help another person or business!

Givers and Masterminds are the Perfect Fit

People who are givers love masterminds because they love to be able to help others solve problems. Masterminds are not for people who are only in it for themselves or for people who want to figure out everything on their own. There is so much speed that comes into your business and your success when you work in a mastermind that you cannot quantify all the intangibles, but growth definitely has to be on the “power list” near the top.

Please leave us your comments and let us know how masterminds have helped you with growth and getting out of your comfort zone. There is no growth in your comfort Zone! I would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to tell a friend about the Mastermind concept. Your friend will be forever grateful.

I encourage you to find the right mastermind for you. It is an investment of Time, Talent, and Money, but once you make the investment your life and business will never be the same again! For information about the Good Success Mastermind and to see if you may be a good fit for the nation’s elite, purpose-driven business mastermind go to

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