EP191: A Different Method of Lead Generation ft. Christy Fisher & Shannon Niemiec

Christy and Shannon have been real estate investors for quite a while, but they noticed a problem that was common with many real estate investors. Lack of leads. To solve this, they are working on great software for lead generation through texting and ringless voicemails. Listen in as we talk about how this type of lead generation can get you more deals!

EP191: A Different Method of Lead Generation ft. Christy Fisher & Shannon Niemiec


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Show Notes

[11:12] Who is Shannon Niemiec?

[13:28] Who is Christy Fisher?

[16:44] What can we expect from Rapid Fire IRA?

[18:31] What is the process like?

[23:15] Have you implemented this program for other people?

[23:19] What are some success stories from people using this?

[26:51] Is this the best technique?

[29:36] What does it cost and how do you make it happen?

[33:38] What is something that is working with the lead generation?

[36:48] What is something you have learned being a woman entrepreneur?

[39:26] What does good success mean to you?

[41:14] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“I think everyone should practice gratitude.” – Shannon Niemiec

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