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Are You Ready to Experience the Difference You’ve Been Waiting For?

When you started out on your small business or real estate investing adventure, you didn’t do it for the 3am calls, the fine print caveats in the contracts, and the grueling slog through daily tasks like motivating employees and trying to make ends meet.

At least, if you have a Good Success Mindset, that is how it happened. And I bet at first, things went really well. After all, you’re a successful small business owner, a successful investor. You’re community-minded and purpose-driven. You are literally designed and geared for success, and you’ve had a lot of it.

But then, something happened. Things started to “pale” for you. Maybe your business took a hit, or maybe you are still growing like crazy, but either way, you know that something is missing.

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Are You Ready to Experience the Difference You’ve Been Waiting For?

The Power of a Mastermind


The Good Success community and Good Success Mastermind are dedicated to helping purpose-driven, successful small-business owners and investors live up to their full potential through actionable training and strategies, relevant education and networking, and, most importantly Christian values and motivation.

Good Success members value the ability to increase their net worth, but they also place a premium on the caliber of their networks.

Our quarterly masterminds are dedicated to the support and growth of our community of like-minded, creative, successful individuals who are motivated by the desire to live to their fullest potential and make the greatest positive differences possible in their own lives, the lives of their loved ones, and in the world.
Does this sound like you?

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Mastermind Program

“The better you are at surrounding yourself with people of high potential, the greater your chance for success.” – John Maxwell

Our mastermind program will allow you to connect with those who are successful and living the dream that you want to achieve. Get access to resources, training, and personal relationships with the people that can help you reach your potential.

A Culture of Good Success

At Good Success, we operate based on four core values. These values guide and define our educational series, investment offerings, and community outreach.

At Good Success, our four primary core values are: Charity, Stewardship, Community, and Growth. We believe that at the heart of everything, charity must lie. True charity that builds and brings Good Success is the act of helping other people by being generous with your time, your talents, and your treasure. Where do we find those resources? We have stewardship of them by the grace of God. Every day and every opportunity in it is a resource given as a gift to us directly by our creator. It is our responsibility to fulfill our role as good stewards by using those resources in ways that enable us to have and give. Finally, good stewardship of our resources involves thoughtful building up of the communities around us, both by giving of what we have and working on the growth of every facet of our success daily.

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At Good Success, we nurture every angle of the truly fulfilled business investor and entrepreneur by constantly refining and evaluating their vision, holding them accountable for their actions both positive and negative, and providing ongoing support and opportunities for growth that come only when you are surrounded by a network of like-minded investors all focused on creating truly Good Success for themselves, the industry, and their communities.

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