EP189: Affordable Housing For Single Mothers ft. Rita Medeiros

Rita has taken massive action to create passive income for herself! Rita was born in Berlin, Germany and grew up in the United States. While building her real estate portfolio, Rita was a Psychiatric Registered Nurse. She is a buy & holds investor specializing in out of state investing. She creates passive income with a purpose of providing safe affordable housing to single moms & their young children through the Section 8 Program.

EP18E9: Affordable Housing For Single Mothers ft. Rita Medeiros


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Show Notes

[10:41] Who is Rita Medeiros?

[11:27] Can you explain your section eight model?

[12:43] Are there any success stories with people you have helped?

[14:36] What markets are you in specifically in?

[15:07] Are you marketing your own properties?

[16:06] How have you build your portfolio as a nurse?

[17:43] Why are you in passive income?

[20:52] How long have you been in real estate?

[23:21] What is your experience with the voucher program?

[26:39] What part of Ohio are you in?

[27:01] Does section get a bad rep because of the vetting process?

[28:47] How do you find single mothers?

[30:50] How are you able to do deals in Cleveland while in Fort Lauderdale?

[32:55] How does the power of networking with good people?

[34:35] How can someone get involved in your group?

[35:57] What are the states that you are in?

[37:32] What does good success mean to you?

[38:14] If you had to leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“Rock stars will lead you to other rock stars.” – Rita Medeiros

“Find your why, take your action, and never quit.” – Rita Medeiros 

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