EP187: What to Know About Estate Planning ft. Mary Hart

Estate planning is something not a lot of people are educated on or even know it exists. We bring on our good friend, Mary Hart to discuss with us why estate planning shouldn’t be overlooked and how to start making it happen.

EP187: What to Know About Estate Planning ft. Mary Hart




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Show Notes 


[07:19] Josh, Tom, and Mary talk about the community Go-Giver event.

[10:39] Josh and Tom talk about the Mastermind in August.

[14:07] Who is Mary Hart?

[17:01] What is estate planning in general?

[22:36] When should you start estate planning?

[28:52] Is there a way to educate yourself further in estate planning?

[33:00] Can you give us a “road map” of what we would need to get started on the estate plan?

[35:24] How would someone get ahold of you?                                                                                                        [36:41] Why is it important for real estate officers to understand the legal side of things?

[39:49] What are some of the biggest mistakes that real estate officers make?

[42:33] What would you say to partners who share equal partnership?

[45:16] What is the most creative thing you’ve done using your self directed IRA.

[49:30] What does good success mean to you?

[51:13] If you had to leave the audience with one thing what would it be?

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