3 Huge (and Overlooked) Differences Between Successful and Unsuccessful People

Lately, I have been doing a lot of traveling and speaking. It has been really enjoyable in a lot of ways, and it has also been very enlightening. I am always happy when I’m finally back in Gary, Indiana, though, and can sit down and really digest what I’ve seen, learned, and just experienced while I’ve been at these large meetings.


This time, when I got home, I realized that a prevailing theme in our industry, real estate, is presently what makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Interestingly, you can see many of these differences in action if you attend a real estate conference! Here are three questions everyone should ask themselves to determine if they are acting in a way that will create real success – Good Success – in their life and business.


  1.   Am I in the right room?

The first time I heard someone say this at a recent conference, they meant it literally. They weren’t sure if they were in the room for new investors or a room with a session designed for seasoned turnkey buyers, like mine. I realized, though, that the question really could be so much more. As an attendee at a conference (or anywhere else), you choose what room to be in and what kind of people you are around. Those people will affect your behavior, mindset, worldview, and choices even if you are aware that you do not agree with them or that their views and behaviors do not mesh with your own.


Being in the “right room” is something successful people work very hard to achieve at all times. Unsuccessful people stay in the “wrong room” for their goals and often experience lesser degrees of success or even failure as a result.


  1.   Do I attack a problem by looking for a source of blame?

When you encounter a problem, you have to look for causes. However, successful people and unsuccessful people look for causes in very different ways. Successful people look for things they can affect in a positive way to effect a positive change. Unsuccessful people look for something to blame for the problem. This results in successful people being able to identify issues and make productive adjustments while unsuccessful people tend to just get discouraged.


  1.   How often do I take action?

Obviously, most people do a lot of things every day. They go to work, take care of their families, hang out with their friends, and care for their homes. However, these things can quickly turn into a rut that prevents them from taking real, life-changing action when they are unhappy. Successful people may talk about being busy, but you will see that they make time for certain types of actions that create real changes in their lives. Unsuccessful people may be equally, legitimately busy, but they fail to make the time they need to make really big, impactful changes in their lives.


Ask yourself whether you are finding the time for the things you know in your heart have to change in your life or whether you are letting them slide in hopes of having more time or being less tired later in your life. Remember: None of us are promised tomorrow, so taking action today will pay off.


You will see that all of these questions have something in common: they require movement. Just asking yourself these questions and then answering them honestly will help you gain something everyone needs for success, momentum. The more momentum you gain, the better things will go for you and the faster you will speed toward truly Good Success.


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