EP183: Helping Flip Gary, Indiana ft. Greg Slaughter

Flipping Gary, Indiana has been a massive vision for Tom Olson, and seeing someone else be a huge force with helping that cause is incredible! Greg Slaughter has a unique corporate background with systems and processes and has been able to implement that mindset into his real estate investing business. Making big moves in Gary, Indiana, Greg has some great details on things coming down the pipe!

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Radius Renovations

Good Success Mastermind

Sharper Business Solutions


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Show Notes

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[05:06] Josh and Tom talk about the Mastermind.

[08:57] Who is Greg Slaughter?

[09:31] Greg talks about his background in Corporate America.

[10:35] What is Greg Slaughter doing in Gary?

[13:19] How did you build your business using systems?

[17:09] What are some things that real estate investors can use now?

[18:06] Can you define systemize?

[19:24] How do you create training programs?

[21:11] What are some new laws going on in Indiana?

[24:24] Why Gary, what made you want to come here?

[29:53] Why did you stay in Gary?

[32:05] What has changed in Gary since 2014?

[34:26] What was your experience with rental properties in Gary?

[35:19] Why are so many people moving from Chicago from Gary?

[42:52] What does good success mean to you?

[44:27] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?

Notable Quotes

“Systemize your business.”- Greg Slaughter

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