EP182: Dominating Student Housing ft. Alex Lugovoy

Located near Virginia Commonwealth University, Alex Lugovoy has an incredible story of becoming a force in changing his community with student housing. Alex is extremely niched into a specific area with all of his rental units and can see most of his units from his bedroom window.

EP182: Dominating Student Housing ft. Alex Lugovoy


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Show Notes


[08:36] Who is Alex Lugovoy?

[12:40] Alex Lugovoy talks about what he is proud of.

[14:07] How many housing units do you have?

[17:37] What are some things that work with housing units?

[23:20] What are some things that people should know about student housing property management?

[26:54] Do all the students know that you own all the units?

[30:22] What does good success mean to you?

[32:42] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“The heroes on the street are actually people making a difference.”- Tom Olson

“Once you have a business formula that works you want to repeat.”- Alex Lugovoy 

“You’ve got to give before you receive.”- Alex Lugovoy

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