EP181: Working Well With Contractors ft. Susan Dupont

Through many experiences working with many contractors, Susan Dupont, President of Radius Renovation Group has been able to create systems and methods of working with contractors to get projects done on time, on budget, and with as little stress as possible!

EP181: Working Well With Contractors ft. Susan Dupont


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Show Notes

[07:12] Josh, Tom, and Susan talk about the Mastermind.

[12:42] Who is Susan Dupout?

[15:16] Why is the relationship between the contractor and investor so vital to the deal?

[17:40] Tom and Susan talk about core values and contractors.

[23:42] What is, some of the best advice for vetting contractors?

[26:52] Can you give us some advice on how to keep up with timelines?

[31:38] How important is it to have processes and systems set in place?

[35:15] If somebody didn’t want to go through all the research what would you say to them?

[39:07] What was one of the biggest life lessons you have learned on your journey?

[44:29] What does good success mean to you?

[45:52] If you could leave the audience what would it be?


“Don’t expect something of the contractor that you’re not also willing to give yourself.”

Susan Dupout

“It’s a giving success, not a greedy success.”- Susan Dupout

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