EP178: From NFL Tight End to Real Estate Investor ft. Hakeem Valles

EP178: From NFL Tight End to Real Estate Investor ft. Hakeem Valles

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In the world of professional sports, athletes can become very cash wealthy quickly, but what do they do with that wealth? Hakeem Valles who is a retired NFL tight end, went into real estate investing to be a good steward of the money he had made as a pro athlete. Hakeem talks about his story of going from an NFL tight end to a real estate investor.


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EP178: From NFL Tight End to Real Estate Investor ft. Hakeem Valles


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Show Notes

[04:37] What is your height and weight?

[10:56] Who is Hakeem Valles?

[12:00] What kind of investing do you do?

[12:38] How have you always had the spirit of an entrepreneur?

[22:28] How did you get over the tragedy in Hati?

[30:21] Talk about buying a four-unit apartment in your rookie year?

[41:04] What was your retirement from the NFL like?

[46:32] Tom Hakeem talk about the stock market.

[48:57] What does good success mean to you?

[49:50] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“It’s ok to be corny.” -Hakeem Valles