EP177: Short Term Rental Strategies ft. Walter Wofford

EP177: Short Term Rental Strategies ft. Walter Wofford

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Short term rentals are a topic not many real estate investors are talking about, but could potentially be a gold mine if done properly. Walter Wofford has always been known for his creativity in structuring deals, so Walter has taken that talent and applied it to the short term rentals game and the results are shocking!



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EP177: Short Term Rental Strategies ft. Walter Wofford


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Show Notes

[07:17] What do you enjoy about the Mastermind?

[15:11] Who is Walter Wofford?

[24:49] What exactly is a short term rental?

[33:42] What would be the first steps for people just starting on short term rental properties?

[38:41] You said the first step was to get to work what would be the next few?

[39:49] How do you create a vision?

[41:34] What are some things people are going to learn at this event?

[44:15] What is your exit strategy?
[47:51] How do you involve your IRA and short term rentals?

[50:24] What does good success mean to you?

[51:09] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“Go to work, get at it.” – Walter Wofford

“People want unique, not pristine.” – Walter Wofford