EP176: 30 Questions to Ask Yourself for Good Success Part 2 ft. Tom Olson

EP176: 30 Questions to Ask Yourself for Good Success Part 2 ft. Tom Olson

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Good Success has a lot of meaning behind the brand. With this, Tom has created 30 questions to ask yourself to determine if you are having the right kind of success “Good Success” I promise you these questions will grab your attention and haunt you if you don’t know the answers to them.  I challenge you to go through this list and answer these questions Honestly. Once you can do this with frank honest answers I can assure you that you will make some life-altering changes!


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EP176: 30 Questions to Ask Yourself for Good Success Part 2 ft. Tom Olson


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Show Notes 

[14:20] What do you spend your time doing?

[16:22] Where are you spending your time?

[18:40] Does your schedule coincide with what your priorities?

[19:59] When will you be financial freedom?

[25:16] What is your spiritual gift?

[33:06] Are you a conduit?

[35:29] Where are the areas that you are most prideful?

[36:17] Who do you need to forgive?

[39:52] Why are you thankful for these things?

[41:21] Who are the people you need in your life?

[44:28] Who are the most influential people in your life?

[45:34] How can you be the most valuable player on your team?

[47:29] What is your favorite book?

[47:51] What are you really good at?