EP172: Investing Vs. Speculating ft. Ryan Wright

EP172: Investing Vs. Speculating ft. Ryan Wright

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Investing in real estate takes much more than just hustle and hard work. Though those are key ingredients, successfully investing in real estate takes applied knowledge and proper deal structure. Also known as actual investing. Far too many investors speculate on deals to see if they’re good or not. Stop speculating and start investing.

EP172: Investing Vs. Speculating ft. Ryan Wright


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Show Notes

[11:10] Who is Ryan Wright? 

[12:05] How did you get started in real estate? 

[13:54] Talk about how you got over the risk of flipping real estate.

[20:52] What are some things you learned doing fix and flip.

[23:20] Can you explain your find, fund, flip system?

[30:38] Tell us about hard do hard money.com.

[32:41] Are all your deals short term?

[33:22] Where are you lending right now?

[33:41] Are you working with a fund or bank money?

[35:14] Do you deploy people’s capital or do you have a fund that they invest in?

[35:44] What do you want the investor to bring to you?

[37:22] What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve seen real estate investors make? 

[43:05] What does good success mean to you?

[44:35] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?



“Don’t fall in love with the deal.” -Ryan Wright

“No success is going to compensate for failure in the home.” -Ryan Wright