EP158: The Magnetic Capital Concept ft. Victor Menasce

EP158: The Magnetic Capital Concept ft. Victor Menasce

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Victor Menasce is a genius when it comes to the whole concept of capital and how to acquire it. Victor Menasce has raised several hundred million dollars for ventures, corporate buy-outs, and real estate projects. As a fulltime real estate developer, he raises funds on a daily basis. Listen in as Victor teaches us a thing or two about magnetic capital!

EP158: The Magnetic Capital Concept ft. Victor Menasce


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Show Notes

[07:29] Who is Victor Menasce?

[09:08] What got you into real estate?

[11:39] Tell us about your book.

[12:59] And raising money really is easy, isn’t it?

[13:37] Why is it so important to have the right mindset when raising money?

[15:43] What are some tips for structuring a good deal?

[18:11] What are some things that could hinder deal?

[26:29] Can you give us some tips on new construction and repositioning?

[30:11] What types of deals are you doing in new construction?

[32:55] What are some things that new people should look for in finding a good market?

[36:39] When it comes to entrepreneurship what is something that you learned the hard way?

[40:29] What does good success mean to you?

[44:20] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“Focus on the genuine relationship.” -Victor Menasce

“When there is  trust decisions happen quickly.” -Victor Menasce

“A good deal badly managed is no deal.” -Victor Menasce