EP123: Kingdom Entrepreneurship ft. Pedro Adao

EP123: Kingdom Entrepreneurship ft. Pedro Adao

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Creating a massive movement of “Kingdom Entrepreneurs,” Pedro Adao is a huge force to reckon with. Pedro is the founder of The 100X Academy, Fortress Financial, Author of “The Finished Life,” and ClickFunnels award winner of the Two Comma Club. In this interview, we dig into Pedro’s thoughts about what it actually means to be an entrepreneur with a deeper purpose than having a successful business.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

[6:25] Who is Pedro Adao?

[11:03] You must take action to gain success.

[11:46] What is Kingdom Entrepreneur?

[15:52] If you want to prosper, do this.

[17:00] Kingdom life is the best life.

[19:40] What is 100x Academy about?

[24:18] The most powerful principle to live by: Stewardship.

[29:29] What is Stewardship?

[35:41] What is Pedro’s Why?

[43:18] At the end of our life, what truly matters?

[45:54] What does good success mean to you?


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