The Power of A Mastermind

The Power of A Mastermind

A mastermind is a newer event, but the concept has been around for a long time. It’s about getting together with like-minded people to share each other’s best business practices and look at different angles of other’s successes. It is also an opportunity to find ways to improve as a person and in business.


The first benefit of a mastermind is vision. If you have the same thinking you’ve always had you’ll always get the same results. You have to look at things from a different perspective. A good mastermind gives you the opportunity to get out of your environment and interact with others who have your best interest at heart. It helps you think bigger and better. It gives you the opportunity to see things more clearly.
A mastermind should help you with the purpose in your vision. It should make you think about why you do what you do. It should cause you to reflect on why you created your business in the first place; cause you to inwardly examine why you were created and for what you were created. A mastermind helps you create what it is you want and helps you know how to get there.


A good mastermind helps you focus on what you should be doing in your business, as well, as your life. It will encourage you to ask yourself what it is you will focus on in the next 90 days to help catapult your business?
It will help you focus on getting rid of waste in your business and focus on doing simple things better. It will teach you the things not waste time focusing on and to be open-minded in the way you do things.

Warnings A mastermind will warn you. It will not only give you instructions on how to properly build your business but will warn you of the wrong ways to build your business. It will warn you in knowing what bad deals to avoid and help you to identify time wasters in your business world. A mastermind has a board of advisors who care about your success and a good mastermind will have warnings.


A good mastermind keeps you in check. It will make sure you are keeping track of your business, your data, etc. It will teach you the importance of thoroughly planning for things like your customer experience, processes, your vision, goals and the people in your business. You will learn the importance of having a 6-month business plan. Planning and preparation are key.


A good mastermind helps you with growth, not only in your business but your spiritual and personal life. If you aren’t growing you’re dying. Sometimes growth is doing what you don’t want to do. Growing helps you come out of your comfort zone. It forces you to talk to people and face situations you wouldn’t normally encounter which all help with your growth. It helps you expand your influence and enlarge your network. Growth helps you take ownership of your business and life. Without personal responsibility and taking ownership of what’s happened in your life you cannot grow. A good mastermind helps you take ownership.


A mastermind is not for just anyone. It’s for someone who is in the top 5%. Someone who already has experience, a network, someone who’s made mistakes. A good mastermind gives you the opportunity to leverage all of this. You can leverage their mistakes, leverage money. Coming to a mastermind itself is leveraging your money. You can leverage from someone else’s knowledge and influence. Leverage your and others’ network(s). Your network is not just your net worth, it’s your survival plan. A good mastermind gives you the opportunity to network with the top of the top quality people. It is said you will be the average of the top 5% of people you hang around. You can create strategic alliances in a mastermind. Successful people surround themselves with successful people. This applies to your network as well.


A good mastermind helps create opportunities. With the opportunities presented comes the availability of partnerships, friendships, invitations to others’ events and so much more. You will find opportunities to build trust with other investors and scale your business. Being prepared for opportunities is so important. When the opportunity knocks, be prepared to answer.


A good mastermind will have accountability. It forces you to be present and participate which will help keep yourself and your business on track. People who love you enough, tell you like it is. A good mastermind will tell you the truth. A good mastermind reaches out to you and checks in with you and your business and will help you with issues you are facing.

At the Good Success Mastermind, our goal is to give. We talk about charity, loving and believing in others. We want to have in order to give. Another aspect of our mastermind is stewardship. It is about helping others succeed and have financial freedom. We do it for our community. We want our community to have fun, to learn and have the availability of a board of advisors. There is a great social network in our mastermind with which to network. Our mastermind is about doing things world class. We strive to do better and have integrity in all we do. We always want to do and be our best. We always strive for excellence and are dedicated to finishing the job and getting things done. We strive for our mastermind to be world class and have excellence in all we do.


A good mastermind requires you to turn in a presentation. It should include who you are, what you do, what you’re good at, a share (a book, an app, etc. you use), a challenge and or opportunity.
The feedback you get is an incredible source of power and help to grow and cultivate you. Being vulnerable and willing to let others know you are imperfect doesn’t make you look bad, it makes you look real. It shows you are humble enough to get help. The bible says God will exalt the humble. Feedback does not only help you, it helps everyone else in the room. The more feedback you are willing to accept the more powerful the mastermind will be for your life and business.


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