Be Bold Today

Be Bold Today

For all of you out there going through a tough time or thinking about quitting or giving up… for those who need encouragement… for the brokenhearted, and for those who have had a good, bad or ugly day, week, month or year…


Rise above it all!


You were created for a purpose! Be bold, and do whatever it takes to reach your potential! Your life is not defined by your current relationship status, your current job, your retirement account, or anything that you have or have not done in the past. Do not listen to any negative person including yourself! Do not listen to the head trash that you tell yourself!


We all have a daily conversation with ourselves; but we need to be vigilant in pushing down every negativity that arises from within. Do not choose a short-term solution for a long-term problem. Always take short-term sacrifice for long-term gain! You have people who need you and are depending on you! Believe in others like it all depends on them; but act as if it all depends on you! And if you don’t succeed, remember there is always another day and another way. Rise above it all, and know that way down deep inside of you is the person God uniquely made just waiting to break out and fulfill your purpose!


If you have failed, you have the ability to rebound, rebuild, recover, and bounce back! Breathe belief into your dreams, and spend time with people that help breath this belief into you! Know that you can live a life full of meaning and purpose.


You can spend your life working only on things that help you fulfill your purpose and passions! You can work only with people who believe in you, people you like and people you trust! You are wonderfully and beautifully created to succeed! Despite what you feel or what you are going through right now, you can succeed, and you can achieve your dreams! You have something special only you have been given. You know things that only you know. You are the best at something; find it! You have a potential that only you were given. You have greatness inside you. Be bold today! Live life with confidence! Love others, preferring their success, and watch the fruits of your labor reap benefits for eternity!


Have a great day!

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