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EP169: What to Know About Land Investing ft. Jermaine Hill

By Tom OlsonMarch 19, 2019

Land investing could be one of those hidden secrets to wealth that isn’t talked about a lot, with low overhead and low risk! That’s why we bring on Jermain Hill to talk about the ins and outs of land investing. We ask him what to look out for and why someone should consider investing on land.

EP169: What to Know About Land Investing ft. Jermaine Hill


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Show Notes

[13:15] Who is Jermaine Hill?

[14:44] Why did you choose land investing?

[25:27] Why should someone consider investing on land?

[29:49] What is your best tip on acquiring land?

[31:34] What are some of the risks for land investors?

[32:44] Can you explain wetlands and super fun sight?

[36:49] What where some of your most pivotal moments in your life?

[42:01] What was one thing you learned from that experience?

[46:08] What does good success mean to you?

[49:38] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“You don’t want to take what someone else said and change your purpose.” -Tom Olson

“You have to have faith in your processes and how you continually running your business.” Jermaine Hill


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