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EP157: Leveraging Systems in Your Business ft. Ricky Davis

By Tom OlsonJanuary 29, 2019

Adding the right systems to your business can save you a lot of man-hours and headaches, and adds automation into your business. Ricky Davis with BrightPath Notes has helped automate their processes for buying and selling notes. Listen on on the tips Ricky gives us on implementing systems into your business!

EP157: Leveraging Systems in Your Business ft. Ricky Davis


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Show Notes

[09:43] Who is Ricky Davis?

[14:37] Can you give us a brief overview of what note investing is?

[16:17] What are some tips you give to new note investors?

[17:35] What is the difference between performing and non-performing notes?

[20:59] What are some things that most people don’t know about note investing?

[23:13] Is it safe to say that non-performing are people that have experience?

[26:04] Can you talk about the growth of your company?

[29:11] What are some things you take advantage of, for your systems?

[30:59] What would you tell someone who needs to implement systems through technology?

[36:20] What are your thoughts on keeping up with technology?

[39:01] What has been one of the biggest “step” in your growth?

[41:40] What has been one of the biggest barriers in your business?

[43:32] What is your why?

[45:18] What does good success mean to you?

[45:38] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“You really want to know your partner is going to help you through.” -Rick Davis

“Systems are huge.” -Ricky Davis

“If you do the right thing the money will follow.” -Rick Davis

“It’s hard to be the person who never gives up” -Babe Ruth


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