EP199: Surviving COVID-19 with Manuel Corazzari
Good Success Podcast - Tom Olson - Manuel Corazzari

EP199: Surviving COVID-19 with Manuel Corazzari

Watch to Manuel Corazzari’s experience on surviving COVID-19, his road to recovery and more! And also the three keys to have a successful quarantine, and walk out with out of this Season with a better outcome!. 

Ep199:Surviving Covid-19 with Manuel Corazzari


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Show Notes

[8:47] How did you figure out that you had the coronavirus?

[14:53] How many days passed from feeling really bad to needing to go to the hospital?

[17:08] Where all your symptoms consistent with what everyone is saying?

[19:18] Was March 20th the day you started getting sick?

[25:12] So is it true that it felt like others are saying it does?

[33:41] So after three days you started to take a turn for the better?

[38:33] So there was a point that you felt thankful and that’s when you started feeling better?

[43:40] What did you learn through all of this?