EP197: From Real Estate Agent to Investor ft. Lorraine Beato

EP197: From Real Estate Agent to Investor ft. Lorraine Beato

Being in love with history, architecture and many of the palaces, monasteries and historic places she visited while on vacation as a child in Portugal, Lorraine has always had a love for all things related to real estate. Thanks to her uncle Mario who would take a week off every summer when she visited Portugal, her eyes were opened to amazing structures that were built as early back as 1100 AD.  Lorraine was always fascinated at what people were able to construct and create all those centuries ago without the modern conveniences and tools of the 20th century.  She didn’t just walk through these places as a tourist, she would always look further and take a deep look at the construction, the curves of the flying buttresses, the stained glass windows, the intricacies of the features on many of the stone carvings and when available, the furnishings of the era.  She would oftentimes stand there and try to imagine how the people lived in these residences all those centuries ago.

EP197: From Real Estate Agent to Investor – ft. Lorraine Beato


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Show Notes

[06:16] Who is Lorraine Beato?

[07:32] Do you do property management?

[09:30] Have you created a marketing plan?

[13:30] Why do you do what you do?

[14:47] Can you expand on that?

[25:40] Are there any other parts of your story that you would like to tell?

[29:09] Why do you think that women are less active in this business?

[31:09] What topics are you teaching on?

[32:33] What has been your greatest challenge?

[35:20] What exciting project are you working on?

[37:03] Can you talk about the book you are writing?

[42:42] What does Good Success mean to you?

[43:32] If you had to leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


You are always learning…the day you stop your done.” -Lorraine Beato

“Build relationships.” -Lorraine Beato

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