EP194: Hard Money Lending – What You Need to Know ft. Richard Bresler

Most people in the real estate investing industry know what a hard money loan is. Some can get money cheap, others pay a lot for their loans. We bring on Rick Bresler to talk about the ins and outs of acquiring hard money lending for real estate investing.

EP194: Hard Money Lending – What You Need to Know ft. Richard Bresler


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Show Notes

[6:46] Who is Richard Bresler?

[7:51] Is money lending something you’ve always done, or something you fell into?

[13:05] Can you walk us through your first deal?

[14:44] What kind of loans do you do, and how do people find you?

[16:09] Where do you loan to?

[16:27] Has private lending changed a lot throughout the last few years?

[20:14] What is the average amount of time that it takes for someone to pay back a loan from you?

[25:28] Would you mind sharing some of your ugly deals?

[29:29] Is it true that in Texas the foreclosure time is a lot shorter?

[30:09] What are some of the good deals you’ve had?

[38:97] I’m assuming you’re not doing this alone.

[40:21] What does Good Success mean to you?

[42:10] If there was one thing you had to leave the audience with what would it be?

[44:16] Do you have a meetup group?


“There is no risk free investment.” -Richard Bresler

“Never stop learning.” – Richard Bresler

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