EP193: Community Love ft. Breanne Zolfo

Owner of Cafe Fresco in Crown Point, IN, and owner of Community Love, Breanne Zolfo is spreading positivity with her push to help others in her community and around the world. Listen in as Breanne talks about what she’s doing to make an impact with her life.

EP193: Community Love ft. Breanne Zolfo


30 Days to good success


Good Success Net Profit Work Book


Community Love


Show Notes 

[9:42] Who is Breanne Zolfo?

[11:17] What made you think of coffee?

[13:22] How did a coffee shop help you with the community?

[16:04] Is that when you started Community Love?

[16:31] How did you start Community Love?

[18:07]What is the next step?

[18:52] How much is coming in through tips?

[20:59] What did you do before coffee?

[22:01] What is some of the bad that happens?

[26:11] Do you still have something with your coffee cups?

[28:21] What do you do with Community Love now?

[32:43] What does Good Success mean to you?

[33:30] If you had to leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“It’s just acts of kindness that definitely helps other people but at the end of the day it changes you.” -Tom Olson

“You have the ability to change the world one act of kindness at a time.” -Breanne Zolfa 

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