EP186: Managing Extreme Growth In Your Business ft. Kevin Hutnick

In the Northwest Indiana market, there are plenty of real estate brokerages, but one stands out above all. Kevin Hutnick, Founder of Listing Leaders, tells us his story of how he founded Listing Leaders and how he has managed the massive growth that his company has experiences!

EP186: Managing Extreme Growth In Your Business ft. Kevin Hutnick


Mentioned Resources 


Radius Renovation Group


Active Turnkey by Tom Olson


Sharper Solutions




Listing Leaders.com


4 Hour Work Week


Show Notes

[08:12] Tom talks about the Mastermind.

[15:27] Tom talks about his book Active Turnkey.

[16:48] Who is Kevin Hutnik?

[17:18] Kevin speaks on Listing Leaders.

[18:01] How do you work with other real estate investors?

[19:18] Kevin speaks on how he got real estate.

[27:22] How did you manage you grow so quickly and manage it?

[32:19] What do you offer that if somebody was considering going to EXP v.s. Listing Leaders?

[35:35] where do you see the market in two years?

[39:40] How has Listing Leaders gives back helped you and others?

[42:00] What is one good tip on selling houses on social media?

[49:37] What does good success mean to you?

[50:54] If you leave the audience with one thing what would it be?



“My goal was to sell one house every one to two years….. It quickly changed to selling one house a year and just skyrocketed from there.” – Kevin Hutnik                                                       “ I love to work with people who are hardworking and willing to change.”- Tom Olson 

“Be willing to take criticism.”- Kevin Hutnik

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