Day Three of the 2019 Good Success Mastermind | Quarter Two | Miami, Florida

Day Three of the 2019 Good Success Mastermind | Quarter Two | Miami, Florida

Day three at our mastermind is always fabulous. We usually have a little bit of a relaxed schedule and we always get done a little early and go out on the town or find an activity to do as a group for fun and networking. It’s really cool to be able to connect in a different setting than at the mastermind itself and out to eat for dinner. When you see people in a relaxed setting it’s just a great way to talk for an extended period of time or see how people are when they are having fun together as a community.



One of the highlights of the mastermind for the entire week is our part one of our four-part series on hiring. We talked about how hiring for attitude is the number one thing we should be thinking about.  You can train skills but you can not train attitude. Think about the last 2 or 3 people you have had to let go and think of exact examples of what went wrong and how much this hurts your business. Then describe these specifics on paper. For instance “they did not respond well to correction or suggestions on how they could improve” or they were a lone wolf and they didn’t work well with a team. Or they were extremely negative and were like cancer to other employees making a huge deal over small insignificant instances or just finding a way to criticize authority.  Or maybe they just couldn’t take direction from their manager? Either way, write down your experience. Then try to quantify how much money they cost you. Next, take the great employees you have now and wrote down the top specific attribute and an instance that they impressed you. For instance I called Him at 9:00 and they answered and went out on a call for me (I don’t expect this but I sure appreciate it) or I have a manager that holds people accountable when something is not done right they get after it right away and force communication when it’s needed. Or maybe they are great follow up people. Every lead that comes in gets followed up with and I never have to worry about a lead falling through the cracks. Whatever it is for you it’s important to articulate what your culture requires and what kind of people you don’t want.  Then when you are hiring you can focus on only hiring “A” players. We only want to work with the fewer betters. People willing to get better every day.


Becoming an Influencer

We heard Eddie Wilson explain how to become an influencer. But also how not to become an influencer. Too many people think that they deserve to be an influencer when they have actually done nothing worthy of being such. They don’t have any substance and there is no reason why anyone should listen to them. They may create content but they are not worthy to deliver the message!  People may like or follow but there’s really no purpose to what they’re doing.  The steps laid out are as follows.

Develop (don’t forget this step)






In the end, if you developed yourself and go through these steps of influence you will influence people. Make sure you influence them for “Good things as this is a responsibility and something you will be held accountable for when you stand before God”


Charity Award

The day has a ton of moments of greatness and we don’t have time to go over them all However I want to tell everyone about our awards. Every quarter we give away a core value award. The core values for the Good Success mastermind are Charity, stewardship, community, and growth.  This quarter we gave away the charity award. This award goes to the member that best exemplifies Charity. Charity for us means love. Charity is not just giving it a way of living. Charity is working so you can have so you can give and being kind in the process.

We are so proud that the Good Success 2019 charity award went to………..

“Jerry Padilla” Jerry is an amazing member who has a son with a disease called Clancys it is a very rare disease and we have been helping him try to raise money and awareness for the disease Charity is a lender with prime lending and we feel that right now he best exemplifies what Good Success means when it says Charity! Congratulations to Jerry Padilla for winning this award.

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