Day One of the 2019 Good Success Mastermind | Quarter Two | Miami, Florida

Day One of the 2019 Good Success Mastermind | Quarter Two | Miami, Florida

So far, this mastermind has been absolutely fantastic. Although we had quite a few people show up late because of airfare cancellations and travel arrangements we started off the day on a high note! We started off talking about how masterminds have helped me personally not just grow my business in numbers but be able to do 2 to 3 times the amount of work with half the amount of people. I was in a mastermind myself about nine months ago and I asked a question that has changed my entire business. I asked a question about how much I need to know about a part of my business. In response to my question I was asked a question by a top professional and someone that I would say is in the top 1% of the top 1% in the world in this profession that I was asking about. His question was “If I was doing this task and holding the responsibility in your company to make sure this was top notch and for you would you be asking a question?” My answer was a firm and quick no. He asked why? I said “because I trust you; that you know what you’re doing” he then replied with “why?” I said, “because I have seen you get results in the past.” You see all of the books both Christian and non-Christian always go back to blaming you, the leader, for the things in your business and although this is always true and everything always rises and falls on leadership, the answer to my question lied in the fact that I did not have the right person in the seat. I was too proud and arrogant to realize that I had made a poor hiring decision. I let my ego get in the way. If I had the right person there would have been no need for me to ask the question. I have trimmed my payroll by almost 20 people since this mastermind 9 Months ago and we have found that having only the right people on the bus and people that want what is best for the company and will defend what is best for the company at all costs has allowed us to get twice the amount of work done with half the amount of people and make 4-5 times the amount of money. Remember, if you are asking the questions that are in someone else’s roles and responsibilities it’s very likely they are not the right person. Hiring the right people is one of the largest dollar per hour tasks in your business.

Tim Davis then discussed how he is selling his portfolio right now and was asking for help to do so. He was given a ton of suggestions and I believe he will probably sell his 80 properties in the next quarter. He also used his time to bring up some personal and sensitive issues that I will not share in this article. However, I want to point it that this is just another great value that we have in this mastermind. The fact that the people in this group care so much that people feel comfortable being vulnerable sharing a very touchy subject and Tim was willing to open up and share with us speaks volumes. Do you have a place where you can be completely open and honest and vulnerable?

Next Max Keller rolled out the new Good Success net profit workbook. Far too many people focus on revenue or gross profit. They go around to meetings and pump their chest and tell everybody about all of the deals they are doing but at the end of the day, there’s no net profit. This is the exact wrong way to do business. We have seen this come up in our mastermind over the last year or so and we were very burdened about our members. Our goal is to add a minimum net profit of at least $100,000.00 per year to each member. If we are not doing this for our members we believe that we have failed.

Max Also talked about how to monetize your mind.  He talked about asking good questions “all of the money and all of the wisdom is in the questions” The person that asks the best question has the most leverage.  He also talked about deep thinking. This is taking time and setting it apart to think deeply on an important issue. There are things in your life that you can put in your life that give you exponential results. Life does not have to be linear! one of those things that give us exponential results is masterminds the other is thinking.

Another amazing thing that you can put in your business for exponential results is publishing a book. Max noted that “publishing a book is almost like cheating.”

One of the new programs that we are offering our members is to help implement them writing a book in the next year we can only allow 2 people at a time in this program but we believe there is over $500,000 in value to helping you write your own book.

One of the biggest a-ha’s that I got out of the day was the fact that “we all lie to ourselves.” We try to be honest we’re not doing this on purpose. Be we all believe that we are heroes. We think that we know how to solve our own problems. But we don’t! We need somebody else to see the nail that’s in our head or the needle that’s in our eye.  In a multitude of counselors, we can buy speed to get to our goals faster, and we can help way more people in our lifetime! We only have so much time in this life don’t let it pass you by! We are all a bunch of Good Success go-givers trying to have a much larger impact on this world and on the kingdom! This is truly the power of a mastermind

We had an absolutely fantastic day had a bunch of fun and left understanding the new programs being offered at the Good Success mastermind.

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