EP167: Using Your Self-Directed IRA ft. Bryan Ellis

EP167: Using Your Self-Directed IRA ft. Bryan Ellis

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CEO of Self-Directed Investor Society, Bryan Ellis has a passion for helping investors use their self-directed IRA at it’s fullest potential! Along with this comes a lot of things to be cautious about that your average investor would not know. Bryan gives us some risks that need to be avoided and some pro-level tips about investing with your self-directed IRA!

Episode 167: Using Your Self-Directed IRA ft. Bryan Ellis


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Show Notes

[11:12] Who is Bryan Ellis?

[12:28] Tell us about the self-directed Investor talk.

[13:38] What media platforms are you on?

[14:09] How are people risking their assets with self-directed IRA.

[18:20] How can a real estate investor avoid the risks?

[23:28] What are some strategies that you are seeing that are completely false?

[26:38] How do you filter what is true and false?

[34:15] What are some of the easiest ways to deploy money?

[36:10] What are some pro tips?

[39:04] Are there any updates in the IRA world?

[45:47] What are does good success mean to you?

[48:33] If you could leave the audience with one thing what would it be?