EP134: Financial Freedom Planning ft. Tom Olson

EP134: Financial Freedom Planning ft. Tom Olson

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Financial freedom is a term most people only dream of and believe is not achievable, but what if it was a lot easier than you think? Tom Olson, President of Good Success has achieved financial freedom and has the proper steps explained in a very achievable way, but be warned, action, patience, and long-term thinking are required for this plan.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

[7:06] What is keeping you from financial freedom?

[16:43] What does financial freedom mean to you?

[17:43] The What

[19:30] The Why

[22:12] Check your expenses and map out where you want to go.

[23:40] The How

[26:08] The When

[30:01] ACT

[31:50] Let’s talk about failure.

[35:20] Why do some people accomplish their goals and some do not?


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