Taking Care of Your Customers

Taking Care of Your Customers

What is the experience with you?

In the book, How to Become a Rainmaker, there is a great line which says, “The paramount job of every single employee in an organization is to directly or indirectly keep and get customers.”  “The job of every employee is to help ring the cash register and to keep the customer’s coming and keep them coming back.”  

The customer should do business with you because you’ll make them feel good or will solve their problem.  Do people feel good after talking to you?  Do they feel helped?  If you want what’s best for your customer, there will be a team concept present. 


Why Should the Customer Do Business With You?

Be humble with people within your sphere of influence as well as, those outside of your sphere of influence.  What value do I bring to the team and to the customer?  You must believe in what you do and sell.  If it doesn’t benefit me, how can I believe in it?  Therefore, with any product, if you don’t believe in it, why would others?  

Ask yourself this question.  If I don’t believe in it, then what am I doing?  What am I selling?  

People should want to do business with you because you make them feel good and help them solve their problem.  Make the customer feel important.  Your goal for the customer is for them to walk away happy and feel they got a good deal.  

What Would I Want if I Were the Customer?

When I do business anywhere, I want to talk to a real live person, not a machine. People want a connection to a real person in order to feel they are getting the best help.  Therefore, It’s important that I listen to the customer and truly understand what it is they need in order to attempt to solve their problem.  People want to feel they are understood. If I were the customer,  I would want the employee I am speaking with to be knowledgeable about their product and/or service.  I want them to be an expert in their product/service.  Be kind to the customer.  Bring value to the customer.  When you are paid a certain amount of money to do a job, that is the minimum expectation your boss has in the work you provide.  Go beyond what is expected of your boss and the customer.  Bring value to your company and then to your customer.  Everyone is a potential customer.  They may not do business with you at that moment or ever, but they may refer a friend or neighbor to you as a result of how you treat them.  

Remember, the customer doesn’t care about you personally.  A customer doesn’t come into a store initially because they are looking to strike up a friendship with an employee.  They are coming in with the intention to purchase a service or product.    


What are we selling?

Many times we think we are selling “xyz”.  We get caught up in the process of getting the next sale, making the next dollar, getting the next promotion we often overlook the customer that got us there.  We aren’t selling “xyz”.  We are selling options.  Ask yourself, What kind of service am I bringing to the customer?

Treat the customer with respect and kindness.  Listen to their needs.  Bring value to them and they will keep coming back.


Here are some more tips from our Quick Tips video on taking care of your customers!

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