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EP156: The Power of Focus in One Market ft. Adrien Chabot

By Tom OlsonJanuary 25, 2019

Focused in the Northwest Indiana market, Adrien Chabot along with his partner Justin Smits has been able to establish their brand, Region Home Buyers as go to home buyers source for their market. Also hosting the largest real estate investor meetup group in NWI, Adrien has been able to pull the real estate investing community into one room and build huge credibility with those in his market!

EP156: The Power of Focus in One Market ft. Adrien Chabot


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Show notes


[11:55] Who is Adrien? 

[14:41] How do you grow a community of investors? 

[19:18] Adrien shared his experience on charity in his group. 

[21:06] Tips on wholesaling. 

[27:09] How does Adrien take care of his buyers?

[29:10] Let’s talk about acquisitions. 

[34:44] Is networking Adrien’s biggest resource for acquiring houses? 

[37:25] Adrien shares his thoughts on the future of the market. 

[39:23] How do you acquire private money?

[49:40] What is good success to Adrien? 

[50:19] Adrien leaves one last piece of advice. 


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