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EP154: Building A Business with Leadership ft. Nathan Brooks

By Tom OlsonJanuary 18, 2019

Instead of looking at an employee and training them to just do a job, Nathan looks at it from training, mentoring, and coaching of a leader and that naturally creates more leaders in your business. Our good friend Nathan Brooks talks about how his business has exploded and built his team on a leadership mentality.

EP154: Building A Business with Leadership ft. Nathan Brooks


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Show notes


[08:45] Who is Nathan Brooks and what does he do?

[17:13] What does Nathan think would help build a team as a leader? 

[27:12] How do you know if someone within your company is ready for leadership?

[30:44] How is the Kansas City market like? Nathan also gives some tips for flipping. 

[37:05] What are some perks Nathan provides for his investors? 

[39:14] Nathan explains how he sells his turnkeys. 

[41:46] What is a leadership lunch?

[42:16] Nathan suggests an excellent book. 

[52:11] What is Good Success to Nathan?

[53:10] Nathan leaves one last piece of advice.


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