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EP153: Being A Young Real Estate Investor ft. Zachary Beach

By Tom OlsonJanuary 15, 2019

Zach has completed over 100 deals in just under 3 years of being a real estate investor all under the age of 30! With being young, Zach brings a lot of energy and passion for what he does, but also a lot of wisdom. On this episode, we dig into how a young real estate investor can grow to where they want to be.

EP153: Being A Young Real Estate Investor ft. Zachary Beach


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Show notes


[07:12] Who is Zachary Beach? 

[09:30] What kind of deals does Zach do?

[12:40] How do you jump from a job into real estate investing?

[17:56] What causes people to not jump into real estate? 

[28:37] Why is your network so important?

[34:00] What is the key contributor to Zach’s growth? 

[37:10] Zach’s shares his top few books! 

[40:00] Buy and sell on terms. Let’s talk about it. 

[47:05] How do you leverage social media for your business? 

[51:54] What is good success to Zach?


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