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EP113: Understanding Why You Are In Business ft. Rosario Terracciano

By Tom OlsonJuly 20, 2018


Rosario has represented investors, rehabbers, builders, banks, and institutions in more than 2,500 transactions valued at more than $300 million. Rosario was the number one broker in Chicago for 2013 and ranked 4th nationally by the Wall Street Journal. He has built a career working with investors to stabilize distressed properties and now brings that experience and expertise to this venture.

Time-Stamped Show Notes:

[07:00] Who is Rosario?

[11:15] What is Click Invest?

[17:17] How did Rosario push through the crash?

[20:28] Things Rosario would do differently before the crash.

[25:10] What is the first thing that someone should know if they are building a business?

[27:50] What is Rosario’s “why”?

[34:13] Margins in business.

[38:48] High water hides the broken pier. What?

[40:20] How does someone understand their margins?

[43:28] What is Rosario’s hiring process?

[49:55] What is something Rosario knows now that he wished he knew in 2003.

[52:53] Rosario leaves one last piece of advice.


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