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Follow Up

By Jarrod StotmeisterOctober 16, 2017

By: Jarrod Stotmeister

There are many components to follow up that businesses do not focus on or they just plain miss it. I’m going to give 3 very practical points that you should always keep in mind with your follow up system.


After the initial contact from the potential customer, whether it be by phone or a visit to a business website, etc., it is important for the person to know what to expect.  Give the customer details.  Hold their hand through the buying process.  Provide service that is valuable.


Follow through with follow up.   To gain a customer it takes follow-up.  It takes effort.  If the customer has been told they will be called, be sure to follow through with that promise.  Sometimes a potential customer’s lack of communication is mistakenly interpreted for disinterest when all that is really necessary is follow through.


Follow-up with potential customers by keeping them updated with timelines and any unforeseen changes in expectations as they arise.  Keeping them a priority through the process builds their trust in your company, creates a repeat customer and, in most cases, a reference for future customers.  As the saying goes in business, over deliver and under promise.  Over-deliver on your service to the customer.  Don’t promise which you cannot deliver.

It takes work to get a customer.  It takes the effort to keep them.  Make them feel important and included through the buying process by building a business and personal relationship.  If the customer feels important to you, then your business or the service you provide becomes important to them.


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