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By Tom OlsonMay 31, 2019BlogNo Comments

The topic of a “Fractional CFO” has been tossed around quiet a big in the business world, but very few people know what it is and how it can benefit their business. We bring on Good Success Mastermind Member and accountant extraordinaire, Josh Belk to give us insight on what a Fractional CFO can do!

By Tom OlsonMay 28, 2019BlogNo Comments

Estate planning is something not a lot of people are educated on or even know it exists. We bring on our good friend, Mary Hart to discuss with us why estate planning shouldn’t be overlooked and how to start making it happen.

By Tom OlsonMay 24, 2019BlogNo Comments

In the Northwest Indiana market, there are plenty of real estate brokerages, but one stands out above all. Kevin Hutnick, Founder of Listing Leaders, tells us his story of how he founded Listing Leaders and how he has managed the massive growth that his company has experiences!

By Tom OlsonMay 21, 2019BlogNo Comments

Bringing a great element specifically to real estate investors and realtors, Daniel Ramsey’s MyOutDesk services provides virtual assistants well versed in the real estate industry. We have Daniel on to chat with us about how virtual assistants can be leveraged to save you the important asset you have. Your time. 

By gsadminMay 19, 2019BlogNo Comments

If you’ve been following Good Success Mastermind for very long, then you probably know that we have a number of core values that help us direct our efforts in our own business and in our own personal lives so that we can experience the fulfillment that comes not just with the world’s take on success,

By gsadminMay 18, 2019BlogNo Comments

Day three at our mastermind is always fabulous. We usually have a little bit of a relaxed schedule and we always get done a little early and go out on the town or find an activity to do as a group for fun and networking. It’s really cool to be able to connect in a

By gsadminMay 15, 2019BlogNo Comments

So far, this mastermind has been absolutely fantastic. Although we had quite a few people show up late because of airfare cancellations and travel arrangements we started off the day on a high note! We started off talking about how masterminds have helped me personally not just grow my business in numbers but be able

By gsadminMay 12, 2019BlogNo Comments

When it comes to success, you know that we at the Good Success Mastermind believe that there is “plain old success,” which is nice but not necessarily fulfilling, and then there is Good Success. To us, Good Success involves both personal and professional fulfillment and requires a company, its leadership, and its employees to have

By Tom OlsonMay 10, 2019BlogNo Comments

One thing biggest things real estate investing business owners struggle with is online (digital) marketing. It’s new, it’s hot, it works but it’s also overwhelming to most people. We bring on Good Success Mastermind member, Heather Nichols to talk about some ways where you can elevate your business through online marketing!

By Tom OlsonMay 8, 2019BlogNo Comments
By Tom OlsonMay 7, 2019BlogNo Comments

Flipping Gary, Indiana has been a massive vision for Tom Olson, and seeing someone else being a huge force with helping that cause is incredible! Greg Slaughter has a unique corporate background with systems and processes and has been able to implement that mindset into his real estate investing business. Making big moves in Gary,

By gsadminMay 5, 2019BlogNo Comments

Defining Stewardship – A Breakdown of a Good Success Core Value   Stewardship is one of the most important core values we have at Good Success. When I say that, people usually nod their heads, smile, and generally seem to approve of this concept. They may even verbally agree with me that stewardship is important