Why Investors Need Masterminds in a Post-Pandemic Industry

Why Investors Need Masterminds in a Post-Pandemic Industry

 If you are like most people today, you are feeling pretty powerless. As we head into the fall, so many things are still a mystery about the future:

  • Will school start on time for our kids?
  • Will our children get the attention and face-to-face interaction they need to learn effectively?
  • What will the November elections bring in terms of changes?
  • Will there be civil unrest in our area of the country?
  • Will our real estate investments weather 2020’s literal and figurative storms successfully?
  • Will our tenants pay their rents and, if they don’t, will we have any recourse prior to going through foreclosure ourselves?
  • Will we ever get back to work in a traditional office setting?
  • What will happen if we do/do not wear a mask?

The list goes on and on, and you will notice that most of it has more to do with the fundamental, driving force behind our real estate investing than with our assets themselves. Most of that list revolves around our children and our family and the wellbeing of both. When real estate and finances touch the list, it is in conjunction with these things.

And that, my friends, is why it is so very, very important that you have access to a powerful, reliable mastermind population in today’s post-pandemic industry. We, as real estate investors, truly cannot afford to fail now.

Real Estate is All That is Keeping the Economy Afloat

With jobless numbers skyrocketing (when did 10 percent unemployment get to be a positive sign?!) and many areas of industry facing permanent failure as Americans realize they may never be able to fully return to their lives before COVID-19, real estate is the one bright spot in an incredibly uncertain economy. Housing demand is higher than ever. Sellers are raking in record profits after listing at full price and taking in multiple offers on their admittedly extremely average houses. These are not the bidding wars we are used to hearing about that take place mainly on the exclusive West Coast or in “hot markets” where most real estate investors cannot afford to participate. This is going on everywhere. And sadly, many investors are completely missing the boat because they do not know where to look for opportunities or what to do when they find them.

That is where the power of the mastermind comes into play. If you need to:

  • Improve your ability to invest quickly and effectively
  • Evaluate new strategies efficiently and then employ them quickly
  • Acquire more properties
  • Generate higher returns
  • Revolutionize your small business or real estate investing operation without taking a year of “coaching” just to really ramp things up

…then a mastermind could be the solution for you. In fact, the Good Success Mastermind very likely is the solution you should be looking for.

At the Good Success Mastermind, we keep it simple. We keep the focus on you, your goals, and your business. Our only goal is to help you meet your goals and achieve your vision. That focus and clarity refined by the assistance of a veritable boardroom of expert investors and industry leaders is the best way to achieve your goals for 2020 and beyond.

Stop Working In Your Business & Learn to Work On It

One of the best things we are doing during our Q4 2020 Good Success Mastermind is offering a one-day bootcamp to accompany the mastermind experience. All mastermind attendees will be able to join the bootcamp (and, if you are a first-time attendee, vice versa) and learn from premier “numbers guy” David Richter, owner of Simple CFO Solutions, financial consultant, and author of the book Less Stress, More Profit. David is a real estate investor himself and has been involved in more than 850 deals. He knows how to give you the numbers you need and exactly what you should do with them! So if your books are not necessarily clean and up-to-date, if you do not run regular profit meetings and have no idea why you should start, if you suspect you should be monitoring your assets’ performances in a more regulated fashion, or if you have not yet automated your profitability, then you cannot afford to miss this fall’s event.

At a point in time when we are finding ourselves more distanced from each other and our assets than ever, a mastermind like this one can provide the key to really knowing your numbers, upgrading your returns, and stabilizing asset performance. Learn more about the Good Success Mastermind and Know Your Numbers Bootcamp (and request an invitation to both) here.

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