EP184: Leveraging Digital Marketing ft. Heather Nichols

Check out this episode One thing biggest things real estate investing business owners struggle with is online (digital) marketing. It’s new, it’s hot, it works but it’s also overwhelming to most people. We bring on Good Success Mastermind member, Heather Nichols to talk about some ways where you can elevate your business through online marketing!

Check out this episode!

EP184: Leveraging Digital Marketing ft. Heather Nichols



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Show Notes

[05:27] What benefits do you get out of a mastermind?

[09:07] Josh and Tom talk about the benefits of investing in Gary.

[11:12] Who is Heather Nichols?

[12:49] Define the online community.

[14:59] So how does the online community lead to sales?

[16:08] What is the mindset business owners need to have to go into marketing?

[21:25] What is the value in marketing?

[22:13] In order to think like an investor, how do you figure out the ROI?

[25:42] How would I get more people to attend a mastermind?

[27:57] Define “Find what works and double down on it.”

[30:23] What are some of the filters you use to determine the priorities for marketing?

[32:22] How can a business owner utilize their marketing strategies?

[33:20] How can they build a community?

[34:21] What was the biggest thing you learned at Social Media Business World?

[35:38] What do you do if your not social and you want to start a community?

[37:07] What does good success mean to you.

[38:20] If you had to leave the audience with one thing what would it be?


“How can we use the costumer’s language?”- Heather Nichols

“Find what works and double down on it.”- Heather Nichols

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