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Why is attitude so important to your growth in life and business? Our good friend Jim Ingersoll jumps on the show to talk about how attitude affects you and how growing your network generates opportunity!

By Tom OlsonJanuary 1, 2019PodcastNo Comments

Ken Lacy, Executive Director of the non-profit, Veterans Path Up talks about the growth of this wonderful mission to end veteran homelessness. A lot of times, non-profits do not run like a business even though they should be. Ken talks to us about how his non-profit has been able to scale using a valuable network and implementing other systems into the business.

By Tom OlsonDecember 28, 2018PodcastNo Comments

Opportunity Zones are a hot topic in the real estate investing community, but no one is officially an expert on this topic. Josh Belk comes in to have a great conversation with Tom and Josh about the potential strategies for opportunity zones and how you can possibly capitalize on them. We also have some great end of the year tax information for businesses in this episode! Take notes!

By Tom OlsonDecember 21, 2018PodcastNo Comments

The Christmas season is here! Many wonderful memories will be made with the people you love, but often times our eyes are taken off of what’s important with this season. Tom gives us some things to think about and make sure we lock in to keep the right perspective of this wonderful season!