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Good Success Team

The Good Success Team

We have been sharing our real estate techniques for several years. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve success in your business by sharing principles that help you win.

Tom Olson

Extraordinary is a term best used to describe Tom.  Tom has the ability to provide vision for a company or get involved in the day to day operations. Tom has built multiple business to over $5,000,000 and has helped Wayne scale our real estate company to over $14 million. He has the ability to lead and not just drive, he manages to push people to greater heights. While this makes him a great leader, his greatest attributes are the way he cares for others. You will not be around Tom long before you hear him say “If you help enough other people get what they want, you will eventually get what you want”

Josh Culler

Imagination is what drives Josh. He has exceptional skills in designing and media creation. Josh is wide eyed and always learning how to make himself and his skills better. Being tech savvy and very resourceful is a big added bonus with him. If he doesn’t know how to do something, he will find out how.

Becky Olson

“People person” doesn’t even come close to describing Becky’s presence. With a personality as contagious as hers, you’ll wonder why you ever considered working with anyone else. With a laundry list of industry accomplishments, she’s ready to seal the next purchase. Oh yeah, she’ll keep up on the shopping deals too.

Heather Bowser

An instant friend, Heather exudes class, confidence and wisdom. Her fun and outgoing personality makes everybody feel comfortable right off the bat. With over 10 years of financial management experience and helping companies manage millions of dollars, Heather helps keep our company firing on all cylinders. Yes, Heather manages to keep the financials books balanced, but she also balances her life by reading and showing off her green thumb by gardening in her spare time.